Thursday, 3 December 2009


Right, so I am totally failing at blogging.... haha!

I think the reason for this is that i feel like its a bit pointless... like no one actually reads it, and although i do quite like writing about my life, thats what i have a journal for. but oh well, i just had the sudden urge to write a blog.

so it is the 3rd of November - 3rd day of advent!! and i am uber excited for christmas! i think its partly because of 6th form - theres so much stress that any kind of holiday or fun is 100 times better!

cant say im really enjoying school... it seems that everybodys life revolves around it at the moment. and i kinda miss back in lower school when we'd just chill out and have fun.

so i guess the biggest thing thats happened to me is that i am 'officially' un-single. mmm, its weird. i mean, i like it - its an awesome feeling. but then, this is my first boyfriend... ooh, even just saying that word kinda makes me stop. boyfriend?? what? it freaks me out a little bit... why? i have no idea. but oh well, its all good :) im happy :D

so yeah... i dont know when ill write again (if i ever do!) but i need to run along and do some homework now! yay!

bye bye :)

p.s. the capital letters and punctuation ran away together during the second sentence...